Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Cleaner

Toilet Bomb: An eco-friendly and nontoxic solution.

Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Cleaner for your home.

What Is A Toilet Bomb & Why Would I Use Them?

Toilet bombs are an eco-friendly, and non- toxic way to keep your toilet bowl fresh between deep cleanings.

Using just a few ingredients that you likely already have in your kitchen and a few drops of essential oils you can make these yourself! This not only saves you time, it saves you money since it will prolong the time needed between deep cleanings.

What Ingredients Do I Need?

With just four simple ingredients you can easily create this non-toxic cleaner.

1.) Baking Soda- Most people have this in the cupboard.

2.) Citric Acid. If you don’t already have this, you can find it in the canning and preserving section of your grocery or department store.

3.) Hydrogen Peroxide, but really you can use water if you don’t have any of this. Hydrogen peroxide evaporates more quickly than water does and this is why it is recommended.

4.) A few drops of some essential oil. You can use anything that you like, but I recommend the following for their cleaning properties.

Essential Oil Options When It Comes To Cleaning

The following list is not an inclusive list by any means but rather some of the most well known essential oils and their properties when it comes to household cleaners. You can mix and match the scents to get a blend that you love!

Lemon Essential oil when used as a household cleaner, lemon essential oil acts as a disinfectant, and eliminates mold.

Tea Tree Essential oil has strong disinfectant properties, especially when combined with deodorizing properties of baking soda.

Peppermint Essential oil is well known for it’s anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties.

Lavender Essential oil has anti-bacterial properties and is a natural deodorizer.

Eucalyptus Essential oil has anti-microbial and ant-septic properties.

Pine Essential oil is great for killing household germs like yeast and e-coil.

Thyme Essential oil is known for anti-septic and anti-bacterial properties.

The Recipe

1  Cup baking soda

                     1/4 Cup citric acid

                     1 Tablespoon Hydrogen Peroxide (or water).

                      20- 30 drops essential oils

If you want to make a larger batch this recipe is easy to double! This amount makes about 5 pucks in my mini-muffin mold.

Step By Step Directions

The process is simple. Just mix all the dry ingredients together in a glass bowl,  making sure there are no lumps left.

Then add the essential oils slowly and incorporate well making sure to get it all around the mixing bowl for even distribution.

Lastly, slowly add the water in very small amounts and mix until you get the consistency of snow that forms a snowball. You want to do this slowly so you don’t activate the citric acid now and not in your toilet. 

With the back of a spoon, fill the mold and press down to compact. Put somewhere with good air flow to dry for 24 hours.

What Can I Mold The Bombs In?

I use a silicone mini-cupcake mold but you can also use silicone ice cube trays or any other silicone mold with individual cavities. These are easy to find in your local shopping store in the baking section or online.

How Do I Use A Toilet ?

To use, just drop one into the toilet bowl and let it dissolve. No brushing or scrubbing required. Do NOT use these in your toilet tank, they are designed to help disinfect the bowl itself. 

Store them in any airtight container and they will last for several months.  

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