Broody Hen Penny

Penny is our broody Buff Orpington hen. For several days she was sitting on eggs in the big coop, but she kept stealing everyone else’s eggs. At one time she had over a dozen eggs she was trying to sit on! So, reluctantly, I moved her to the small coop that we have for such circumstances.

We don’t really need more hens this year since we already have 20, but if Penny was going to be this insistent I decided she may as well hatch chicks that will give pretty blue/green eggs. We have an Ameraucana rooster named Pretty Boy George so I put six green eggs from our adult Ameraucana hens under her, wrote the date on a few and left her to brood for the next three weeks.

Each day I faithfully went to check on her, brought her treats to entice her eat more (beautiful red organic strawberries, a scrambled egg, Greek yogurt). I would lay out the daily bribe outside the coop, open up all the doors for ventilation and promptly snatch her off her nest and place her in front of the food. Did she eat? Not much but it forced her to stretch her legs.

Finally, just about three weeks later, when I went down to see her one day she had hatched two of the six eggs! It was our first babies born on the homestead! So exciting! And as luck would have it, our grandson happened to be visiting that day. Such a special memory for him!


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The first two chicks born on July 6, 2020.

About a week later, just as I was about to decide that the other eggs must not be fertile (no, I did not candle them), out popped number three! Just as cute as can be with its pale face and dark body!

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